Floating Accommodation Units (FAU) – also known as Units for Maintenance and Support (UMS)

These units enable opportunities for companies that operate offshore to carry out maintenance campaigns offshore. “Our units can carry up to 500 passengers and offer a wide range of service and maintenance options for offshore companies,” says Strategic Developer at Teekay, Kjell Ove Breivik.


“Our unique cylindrical Sevan-based designs provide highly competitive advantages such as high uptime, excellent motion characteristics, more deck space, better stability, and more storage space than other FPSO designs,” Breivik states. “The technology is well-proven; when the 2007-builtPiranema Spirit came onstream, it revolutionised the world of FPSOs.”

Until 2007, either drill or semi-submersible ships dominated the options that offshore corporations could choose from when deciding on FPSO-solutions.

In July this year, Teekay Offshore Partners acquired Logitel Offshore Holdings – a company that was established in 2013 between Sevan Marine ASA and CeFront Technology AS. Logitel Offshore exclusively has the right to use Sevan Marine’s unique cylindrical hull design for accommodation units. “This piece of advanced engineering signifies a major change in offshore oil and FPSO solutions. The operational leadership expertise that Teekay has developed through almost 30 years of experience with dynamic positioning will enable us to grow alongside this acquisition,” Breivik says.


Over the course of the next five years, expectations are that there will be a strong demand for FAUs in markets such as Brazil, Mexico and the North Sea. “The Brazilian oil production is expected to double before 2020, hence the need for accommodation units in this market is expected to be strong,” Breivik states. “Indications suggest that oil production in the Gulf of Mexico will also increase in the years to come.” In the North Sea, low quality, lack of vessels that can handle harsh weather conditions, extension of field life and decommissioning of offshore platforms indicate rise in demand.

Peter Evensen, CEO and President of Teekay, commented “We continue to see strong growth fundamentals in the Brazil and North Sea offshore markets, which are our core markets. We believe that the combination of our strong operational platform and access to capital, with Logitel’s innovative accommodation rig design using Sevan’s cylindrical hull platform, will enable us to provide our customers with an attractive and reliable alternative in this growing segment.”



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